About Me

I'll try to keep this short - My name is Peter A Mahon. I was born in Canberra after my parents moved to Australia from Ireland in their twenties. I was gifted with a fantastic childhood in Canberra. I have 3 brothers, all great lads. After finishing school I took a year off to work and run away. I traveled to 25 countries during that year and just had the time of my life. I walked from the south of France to the west coast of Spain! It took me 33 days and I walked over 890km. I came back to Australia and now I'm studying at the Australian National University slowly completing a double degree in law and international security. I have a huge group of friends who I value dearly and I'm currently trying to work while I study, and then take off on big adventures when uni goes on break.

Cairo, Egypt

Websites I use when booking booking a trip
World Nomads - Travel insurance
Skyscanner - Flights
Booking.com - Hotels
Hostelworld - Hostels

Contact or find me 
email: peter.a.mahon@gmail.com
instagram: lostnorfound
twitter: @thelostnorfound
Youtube: Lostnorfound