Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The Hundred Dollar Toolkit

G'day team. I should start by saying that I actually spent $101.66.

I headed to Bunnings on the weekend because I've never owned my own set of tools. I've had a few loose items and multitools hanging out in the apartment but I needed a decent set to kickstart my adult life. I generally chose the cheapest 'solid' item available. Everyone needs different tools for different projects, so adjust accordingly. I was using a list I found over on Lifehacker to fill my trolley. You can find the list here. Have a look at what I bought.

Irwin 500mm Tool Bag - $15.98
This bag is great. It's full of pockets, and has plenty of room for your gear inside. It comes with a shoulder strap, but I threw that away, because I don't anticipate carrying the bag long distances.

Craftright Hammer - $6.98
Craftright Combination Pliers 200mm - $3.50
Craftright Rubber Mallet - $2.95
Trojan 40 piece Stubby Set - $19.98
The ratchet screwdriver in this kit has a removable but-plate so that you can store the attachments inside.

Craftright 8m Tape Measure - $5.90
2x Craftright 75mm G-clamp - $6.59 each
Craftright 100mm Jointing knife - $3.00
Craftright Plastering Trowel 280mm - $3.25
Craftright Retractable Knife - $1.90
Craftright Tube Cutter 3-32mm - $8.90
You probably don't need one of these. However, there are some great projects over on Homemademodern that use copper pipe for all sorts of things.

Craftright Torpedo Level - $2.99
SH&SAFETY Safety Goggles - $4.30
SH&SAFETY Dust Mask 10 pack - $2.90 
Craftright 300mm Combination Square - $5.95
I'm guessing at this stage it probably looks like I'm sponsored by Craftright. They actually just seemed to provide the cheapest 'solid' product on the day I went shopping. I'm sure there are similar brands in all hardware stores. I excluded power tools from the list because that's a whole other ball game. I hope this helps you put together a cheap toolkit/toolbox if you don't already have one. Have a great week!

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