Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A few nice photos from my summer trip to Tasmania

I thought I would share with the world a number of photographs I captured during my recent visit to Tasmania, Australia. 

The Great Eastern Drive
I flew to Hobart with two friends from high school. Their names are Ellen and Francis. The three of us actually managed to hitchhike from Hobart airport to the city. We were only on the road for 10 minutes before being picked up by a nice police officer heading into town. In Hobart we checked into a hostel, took a quick nap to rest and recover, and then went to find a liquor store to sample Tasmanian cider (we had heard good things). 

The following day my friend Ben came by the hostel to pick us up. We had been staying at The Nook Backpackers, but Ben had just got back into Hobart, and told us we could stay with him in his family home. 

From left to right: Ellen, Peter, Ben, Francis.
I had met Ben in Europe years earlier. He had come through Canberra in the years since, so it was great to see him in his element down in Tassie. 

A nice portrait of old Benny boy. 
We spent a night out with Ben and his mates. His friends were all great lads, and I managed to convince the bartender that I designed his shirt, so yeah, it was a pretty good night.. 

In the morning, Ben gave us the keys to his red Toyota Corolla, and gave us all the camping gear we would need to hit the road. We followed the Great Eastern Drive. It was gorgeous. 

Freycinet National Park
We eventually found ourselves in Freycinet National Park after a few hours driving. We asked somebody where we could camp for free, and they directed us to a campsite called Friendly Beaches. We set up camp, and had a cider or two while hanging out in the car. Ben hadn't packed camp chairs, so the ass realestate was somewhat limited. There were wombats walking all around the campsite, and you could hear the waves crashing. It was a really nice spot. 

The next morning we picked up a hitchhiker by the name of Ranger. We had been driving back to the closest town to buy groceries and food. He seemed like an interesting guy, so we invited him to join us as we galavanted around the national park. 

We made the decision to hike an hour to Wineglass Bay. It was beautiful. 

Wineglass Bay
It was just such a perfect beach. Smooth sand, great snorkelling, decent waves, rocks that you could jump off - it had it all. I was loving it.

Me loving the beach in my underwear.
I managed to snap a nice portrait of Francis as well. 

We headed back to the campsite. Ranger set up his tent next to ours. We went up the Friendly Beaches Lookout to take a cute group photo at sunset.

From left to right: Ranger, Peter, Ellen, Francis.
We were all wearing matching football jackets that we had found in Ben's car. They really helped us bond as a group. Ranger ended up being a raging alcoholic, so we said goodbye to him in the morning and drove back to Hobart.

The next day, Ben drove us to a few nice spots on the coast. We got to visit the Remarkables Cave. That was really cool.

The Remarkables Cave.
And here's a nice picture of Francis climbing on the rocks just outside.

We did a little bit of a nature walk along the coast. I managed to snap a few nice landscape shots, despite only having my prime lens with me at the time.

"Saturation 200%"

"Tasmania, an ominous haven"

"I wish I had my snorkel"

We got back to Hobart that night and went out for a bit of a drink and a dance. It was a really nice week and I'm so glad we flew down to Tasmania. It was easily worth the $30 flight. 

If you're considering going down to Tasmania/Hobart, I'd recommend you visit Mona (a mind blowing museum of old and new art), Freycinet National Park, and the Salamanca markets (up and running every Saturday in Hobart). 

I hope you enjoyed following the storyboard that was my holiday. Take care folks.

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