Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cliff diving at Sheung Luk Falls, Hong Kong

My little brother is in Hong Kong this week so I wanted to bring him somewhere really scenic. I found this waterfall hike on the internet and thought we might as well check it out. I also managed to convince one of my friends from university to come along. It was beautiful! The water was freezing, and it got dark quickly but I think it's my favourite spot in Hong Kong. There are a few raised platforms so the cliff jumping is great. I also found the water to be really deep and the edges steep enough that jumping was really safe. Have a look at some of my pictures. 

The water was so blue..
Getting there: Catch the MTR to Choi Hung on the green line. From there catch the 1A/92/96R bus from the C2 exit to Sai Kung. From Sai Kung you'll want to catch a taxi to the Sai Wan Pavillion. From here there's only one trail and it leads to Sai Wan Beach. The walk takes about an hour. When you walk through a small town with a surf rental shop and a restaurant you turn left and walk 10 minutes along the beach. When you reach a 20 metre long bridge (pictured below) you'll want to walk up the left hand bank on the river and climb along the rocks until you reach the top pool. I promise it's well worth the journey. If my directions aren't clear enough you can also find directions herehere, and here.

Walk up this river (where the dog is going) 
There are 3 or 4 great spots to jump from.

Like here!
And here!
And up here!
And don't forget up here.
Be careful climbing on the rocks because they can be pretty slippery. Also getting home can be quite difficult. There's a speedboat that can take you back to Sai Kung for $150 HKD. The last one leaves at 6:30pm and if you miss this (like we did) you'll have to walk for about 2 hours back to Sai Kung. Once you get most of the way you can catch a bus to the town towncentre.

This is my little brother and I.
Have a great time and take lots of photos!

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