Sunday, 10 April 2016

What to do with 90 minutes in Alice Springs

So I recently had a job interview back in Australia, and the company booked me some pretty wacky flights. Long story short, I had a 3 hour layover in Alice Springs, Australia. I had never been before, and I thought I might as well be productive and try to see the town. For those that don't know, Alice Springs is situated in the geographic centre of Australia. I was pretty excited. 

My Cappuccino from Red Dog Cafe.
I hopped on a shuttle bus from the airport to the town centre. It's a 15 minute ride and costs $13 AUD. I hopped off the shuttle at the information centre and after asking what I should do with the hour I had in the town, a young Italian told me that I had to grab a coffee in Red Dog Cafe. It was splendid! Next I wanted to get a nice view of the town, so I headed to Anzac Hill. 

I love saying I snapped this pic during my semester in Hong Kong. 
It was hot and pretty. It's not high, so it only takes 10 minutes to reach the viewpoint. 

View of Bath Street from Anzac Hill
From Anzac Hill I spotted a thrift store, and decided I had to grab some sweet Alice Springs merch. Look what I found!

Please control your jealousy. 

This chorded Alice Springs Golf Club cap only set me back $2 AUD. I've been wearing it all week - yet to receive a compliment. 

The lady at the counter made sure I knew they had a Facebook page.
I found this and was a little disappointed not to see Hong Kong make the cut...

Hong Kong > Singapore
I purchased a few postcards. Please note that the postcards were coated with indigenous art, so basically every cultural element of a trip to Alice Springs was satisfied.  

Bookmark is useless. I own a Kindle. 
Looking back at my 90 minute holiday in Alice I think I did pretty well. Loved the coffee, the view, and all the sweet merch. Looking forward to making the trip again sometime soon. Hopefully my next visit is equally as quirky. 

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