Monday, 28 March 2016

My weekend in Yangshuo, China

So a few weeks ago, my friends and I decided to spend a weekend in Guilin and Yangshuo. It ended up being an incredibly special trip and I'd like to take a moment to explain why I enjoyed myself so much.

Taken from the TV tower in Yangsuo
I caught the metro to Shenzhen, which lies on the other side of the Hong Kong/China border. From there we caught a 3 hour bullet train to Guilin. I swear this had to have been the most beautiful train ride I had ever been on. Check out some of the video I captured. No colour correction needed:

We eventually made our way to Wada Hostel in Guilin which is worth checking out. We met some more of our friends there before heading out for karaoke. The next day nine of my friends chose to go on a tour to some rice fields. It would be three hours each way and I had seen more than enough rice fields on my motorcycle trip in Indonesia, so I chose to head to Yangshuo early to explore. It was really cool! It felt like a ski town, but there was no snow to be found. I went hiking through the countryside for a few hours and when I made my way back to the city, this man made me dumplings: 

I wish I could tell you where I was but I have no clue. 
Now after going back to the hostel and knocking out a chapter of Harry Potter 6 on a massage chair I found, I went to a local TV tower to watch the sunset. Find the hiking instructions here. This was my favourite experience of the weekend. It was gorgeous. Layers of golden mountains covered the horizon. You could see the city from above. I took a crazy number of photos.

I walked down from the mountain with a group of students from Macau, and then went to the bar at my hostel to wait for my friends to arrive. I made friends with some British kids. One of them ordered snake blood shots, and at that moment, the barmaid pulled a live snake from under the bar, and beheaded it with blunt scissors in front of my green, partially innocent eyes. It was horrifying. My friends eventually showed up and we explored the nightlife that Yangshuo had to offer. I was impressed. if you're visiting I would say start the night at Monkey Jane's Bar (home of snake murder) before heading to West street. That night, wildly intoxicated I was offered a job teaching English to children the next day. I was basically just going to be a token white male to be in the school's photos while the children did fun activities. My friend Matt and I agreed and he picked us up the next morning.

The day that followed was quite strange. We spent 12 hours doing activities with six Chinese children. We went rafting, rock climbing, we rode bikes up and down the river, and we even got to see Moon Hill! We ate three meals at the hotel and had Chinese Barbecue in front of an open fire to finish the day. It was great. Simon (the big boss) even tried to give us 300 RMB at the end of the day, but for the sake of my Chinese visa, I will state that I did not accept this cash. 

Here's a sweet photo I took of my arm after climbing a rock wall in China. 
The next day four friends and I rented electric scooters. We went and found a school, and drag raced in the courtyard. I never managed to win a race, but I did have a lot of fun. Check out this sweet pic of us speeding toward the camera:

That's me in the middle!
We then took the bikes out into the countryside and rode around before Adekore's bike ran out juice and we had to stop at a restaurant to charge his bike. It was pretty funny riding alongside my American friends whose bikes were decked out with some pretty flamboyant paint jobs.

Adekore, stranger, Matt, Connor, Pete, Keelan. 
From there we made our way back to Guilin, and hopped on a 12 hour sleeper train back to Hong Kong. The other guys (pictured above) realised they hadn't actually booked beds, so I was by myself down one end of the train. I actually had a great time. I met two guys from Hong Kong and we stayed up chatting before I slept from 12am, straight through to 9am. It was an amazing experience.

Another photo from the TV tower.
I had a great weekend. It was the perfect blend of Pedro time, and time with friends. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask below. Yangshuo is great. Enjoy it if you ever get the chance.


  1. nice post! i am in the planning stages of a trip to Yangshuo, super excited! i'll be going alone.. do you think thats a problem?

    1. Hi Leslie! Going alone will be fine :) I spent half the weekend by myself and it was so much fun just being able to explore! Maybe stay at a hostel rather than a hotel if you're looking to meet people. Take care and let me know how your trip goes :)