Sunday, 17 January 2016

The 5 reasons I love long distance travel

I have always strangely loved covering long distances. I think it started as a child. I would ride my bicycle to school despite my parents' offer to drive me. I find short trips less appealing. They're too cosmetic. I think there's something very natural, and beautifully primitive about covering a long stretch of land by bus, train, or by foot.

Hiking in the mountains of Spain as part of a 33 day walk.
These trips are always the most satisfying, and I think I know why. These are the 5 reasons I love long distance travel:
  1. You see everything - When you walk, travel by train, or ride across a country you see it all. You see the way the earth bends around the mountains. You see the tallest buildings and the smallest ponds. I think long distance travel is the best way to escape the cookie-cutter experience. 
  2. You can save a lot of money - Flying between capital cities is expensive. Catching busses between cities in Bosnia on the way to Greece is not. If you're willing to eat local food and sit on busses for hours and hours, $2000 can take you a long way. 
  3. Your trip becomes a story - I like telling stories, and I think there's more depth to a journey when it flows from one place to another. Flying from Capital city to capital city is like reading the first page of each chapter in a book you'll never finish.
  4. You meet strange people - I often find that when I travel I make way too many Australian friends [as an Australian myself]. When you travel long distances you're bound to meet a more diverse range of people. 
  5. You learn more - I'm a visual learner. I can watch people for hours. It's a bit creepy. I think I learn more from being exposed to a large spectrum of environments. I can only go to so many museums and galleries before I need to sit at a train station and drink chocolate milk watching people run around like ants before the rain. 
Franco and I leaving on a road trip to Byron Bay
It's just the greatest thing ever. Pick two places in the world, and travel from one to the other without flying. Give it a go. It's liberating.

Carlos Costa has a great Youtube Channel with loads of videos of his long distance travels. Check it out!

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  1. Hi Pete! I was wondering do you have any tips for the person like me? I love travelling and I would like to communicate with strangers/people from other natives but the main problem is I'm not brave enough to do so. Any suggestions? Thank you :3

    1. Hi Patricia! I've always found that people on the road are very accepting and open-minded. Just be yourself and ask people where they're from :)