Monday, 4 January 2016

Java on two wheels | Indonesia

In December I rode a motorcycle 2000km from Denpasar to Jakarta. This video is made up of clips that I recorded while on the island of Java. The trip took thirteen days and there were a few nice things that I think really stood out:

Mt Ijen - 0:41 - Famous for pumping out a blue flame in the middle of the night that looks like something that would belong in the world of Anime. 

Madakaripura - 1:08 - A 200 metre tall waterfall in the middle of lush green jungle. Visiting this lead to what may have been my favourite day of the trip. 

Mt Bromo - 1:26 - I think most people really want to tick this box. It's the most famous volcano on the island of Java. The views are beautiful. Check it out. 

The Karimunjawa Islands - 2:08 - The islands make up a national marine park so the snorkeling is incredible. The islands also only have power from 6pm to 6am which can be a bit tricky. I enjoyed the novelty.

The Green Canyon - 2:55 - I rode a long way to see it, and had a really great time. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. I was disappointed it was too wet to bring my big camera. Make the trip.

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If you have any questions make sure to leave them in the comments below. Take care and safe travels. Peace.

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  1. Your trip looked awsome! Where was the canyoning and horse riding done? Somethingsort I really would like to add to my trip.

    1. Hi! thanks. The trip was awesome :) The Canyoning was somewhere called Green Canyon. It's easy to find with a google search. The horses were up near Mt Bromo. I just walked passed the horses, but I didn't ride one myself :)