Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finding the cheapest flights

Over the last few years I've learned some great tricks for finding the cheapest flights. While some people may have relatives who work for airlines, and others use credit cards to earn flight rewards, this guide is aimed at those with normal wallets, and grounded relatives. 

Be flexible - The most important thing if you're hoping to find a cheap flight is to be flexible. If you need a certain flight at a certain time you will likely have trouble finding a cheap flight. Try to book your holiday with an open mind. If you are willing to move dates around you will have more luck booking flights. 

Use Skyscanner - A friend introduced me to Skyscanner before my first big trip and I fell in love with it. Skyscanner is a global search engine that allows people to compare airlines and find the perfect deal. I love the website because it brings everything together and is incredibly user friendly. Skyscanner allows users to search 'everywhere' as a destination. It's an incredible tool that makes travel a lot of fun. It also allows users to search for flights during a month and will show the cheapest possible dates. Keep in mind that they have a great mobile app for when you're on the go. 

Travel alone - I find that traveling alone will often allow you to find a great deal. Often the best deals occur when airlines are trying to sell the last ticket on a particular flight. Don't let this put you off traveling with friends. Company can be great and it makes long flights much easier. 

Travel light - If you're traveling with a bag small enough to qualify as carry on luggage, you can fly everywhere without having to pay the often expensive additional baggage fees. I travelled all over Europe with just carry on luggage and it meant that I was able to get flights as cheap as €15.

Book early - Some people swear by booking on the day. I've never had great luck. As a general rule: if you see a flight that looks unbelievable, book it. Try to avoid thinking with the mentality that flights will have to get cheaper at some point. 

If you think I've missed anything, make sure to leave comment below. Good luck and bon voyage!


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