Friday, 23 October 2015

11 Things I Bring On Every Trip

I bring these 11 items with me when ever I go away on an adventure. It's in no way a packing list. I bring lots of other things (e.g. pants). You don't usually need these 11 items, but they're things that I have learnt make my trips more enjoyable. Have a look at the video I made and then I'll briefly outline why I like each item below.

1. Harmonica - I got a Bob Dylan harmonica from Santa a couple of years ago and I slowly started to play it more and more while I travelled. It's just a bit of fun. I never busk or perform seriously but It's a fun one to play while hiking or while drinking sangria on a stairwell.

2. Passport - A ticket to the world. I'm lucky enough to have an Australian passport and an Irish Passport. Because I have two I usually keep one on me, and one in my backpack.

3. Kindle/e-reader - I love my Kindle. I've gone through 3 of them. I really should be more careful with them. They're great for long flights or train rides and the battery usually lasts around a month at a time.

4. Power bank - A power bank lets you charge your usb powered devices. You charge it like a mobile and then you can use it to charge your phone, camera, Kindle, and all sorts of things. My power bank (Plox 6000mAh) can usually charge my smart phone three times.

5. Camera - On my last big trip I brought a Sony Action Camera and it was great. It was small like a GoPro and I could send photos and videos straight over to my iPhone. I try to avoid bringing big cameras with me because they're heavy, and I constantly worry that someone will steal it.

6. Quick dry towel - These are great! they take up almost no room in your bag and dry really quickly. You can find them in any adventure store.

7. Audio splitter - I use an audio splitter to listen to music/podcasts with friends while travelling. An audio splitter allows you to use two pairs of headphones with one audio device. They cost almost nothing and I use mine all the time.

8. Student I.D. - Allows you to get discounts all over the world. You may only save a few dollars at each attraction but it all adds up rather quickly.

9. Buff (scarf) - I love my Buff. I usually wear it like a scarf but sometimes wear it as a headband when my hair is getting longer. I also use them to shield my camera and phone when I'm placing them deep in my bag.

10. Sleep mask - Great for long journeys and I use mine to sleep in hostels during the day after a late night. If you find them uncomfortable, try it for a few nights and 'see' if you can adjust.

11. Diary - The most important thing in my bag. During my gap year I would have paid thousands to retrieve my diary if I lost it. It captures every detail that I'm certain to forget.

* * *

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  1. Cool video! You should also do an essential items list for walking the Camino

    1. Thanks Mali! You can find my Camino packing list here: http://www.lostnorfound.com/2015/09/camino-packing-list.html

  2. "They usually don't check expiry dates." But the lie lives with you.

  3. Thanks for sharing your list. Using a fake student ID to get discounts isn't just a bad idea, it's stealing. Not cool.

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I made sure to fix this up.