Friday, 18 September 2015

Why Canberra doesn't need a beach

Muggles will never fail to critique that Canberra lacks a sandy meeting point of land and sea. It kills me. Canberra doesn't need a beach. We've got quite a list of things going for us.. don't you worry. 

The Sands - Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to the notorious Casuarina Sands. The Sands are a treasure. Sure we have cold cosy winters, but when the sun comes to visit, my friends and I head 20 minutes south to the Cotter Reserve and collect the vitamins and fermented carbs we've been lacking during the colder months.

It's just the greatest place to spend a summer. It's like a beach, but with rope swings. It's a Canberran gem. My high school friends and I have more than embraced it, and I think others should too. The Cotter campground is a 10 minute walk away so I'd recommend bringing a tent along and spending the night. Bring lots of wine! The long walk across the one way bridge is beautiful while strolling somewhat intoxicated under the stars. Play safe. 

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